New Body with Emily

Move Better, Feel Better.

The hope is to offer a way for you to feel better in your body each day by providing simple movement programs you can move through on your own.

Meet the Founder

Emily, a certified Pilates professional and professionally trained ballerina, launched New Body with Emily in order to create an online source specifically designed to help people move their bodies better each day. 

Discover Your Program

Through easy-to-follow programs, and at-home videos, New Body with Emily teaches people how to organize their bodies for long-term strength and health.

On the Mat

On the Mat, guides you through an easy-to-follow movement program designed to improve the condition of your body’s natural support system for better posture and health.

Move Better and Feel Better each day as you lengthen your body and strengthen your core.

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On the Roller

On the Roller, uses a foam roller to improve the condition of your body’s support system by activating core muscles for better posture.

Move Better and Feel Better each day with this at-home program designed to relieve lower back pain, while deepening core strength.

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Virtual Private Pilates Session

Start feeling and moving better each day with a private one-on-one session with Emily. You'll have a program developed specifically for you, using the tools you have at home.  You simply need enough space to be able to lie down and stretch your legs out. 

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